Webinar May 8th: Successful Remote Training: How to Create a Connected “Classroom” Environment When Training Remotely

Friday May 8th    

9:00 PT  | 11:00 CT | 12:00 ET  | 5pm BST

Remote training is becoming more widespread - whether to extend the reach of trainers to remote offices, or to address current work-from-home requirements. Successful remote training requires new skills and a good deal of imagination.

This webinar will provide strategies and tips for keeping your learners engaged and interested. We will demonstrate some easy-to-do techniques to make remote training effective and engaging, and discuss how to leverage the tools within your current training platform. We will also demo a state-of-the art remote training platform that can transform your sessions and bring you "face to face" with your students.

Whether you are a seasoned remote trainer, or just starting down that path, this webinar will provide you with useful, actionable tips and information.