Up-Skilling and Certification

Our turnkey Skill-Up! program helps firms improve efficiency and profitability by enhancing attorney and staff technology skills. Skill-Up! is a positive and non-threatening training and certification program that is specifically designed to mitigate the negative implications that conventional assessment programs convey.

Skill-Up! is a way for learners to build confidence and skills and achieve their personal best. It is based on the LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) industry standard core competencies and includes all of the online learning tools needed for implementing a continuous learning and certification program.


With Skill-Up! You Can:

  • Provide non-threatening skills evaluation
  • Deliver targeted, workflow-based, blended training to increase productivity
  • Ensure wider adoption of firm applications with a direct impact on the bottom line
  • Help attorneys save time and money with better use of technology
  • Provide LTC4 certification
  • Prepare associates for any technology audit
  • Reduce training-related Help Desk tickets
  • Provide skills improvement metrics

Skill-Up! Components

  • Planning and Consulting: A comprehensive plan to refine and implement the program
  • Marketing: Animated videos showing time saving tips to help market the program
  • Online Learning: Tutorials, measurement and skills evaluation
  • KnowledgeChecks (simulations) and LiA Checks: (in the live application) Check competency
  • Learning Management System: Measure, track and report core competencies progress

  • Training Resources: Instructor-led training/support and tools for just-in-time support

  • Subscription to LTC4™
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