Explore Our Training Delivery Tools

We provide innovative ways to deliver targeted training exactly when needed.

  • QuickLearn for just-in-time learning

  • Learnwise LMS for learning management

  • Pathfinder for building personal learning plans

Need just-in-time training? QuickLearn is a searchable content management system for any quick reference guides, internal or external online learning modules, videos, or even useful links.

Users can access it while working or you can email links to training resources directly to users (great for the Help Desk). It is also available on mobile devices. QuickLearn can be tailored to your firm colors and logos.

You can View a QRC, Watch a Video, Print and Email the steps and tips.vbYou can also Do It Live! Our latest version of QuickLearn lets you follow along and do the steps in the live application.



Learnwise, our learning management system, provides everything a law firm needs to manage all their training, whether it be for IT, professional development, Security or GDPR. It’s easy to use and yet is based on a powerful engine which allows you all the functionality and reporting you need.

  • Super easy to use and administer
  • True blended learning plans
  • Mobile friendly
  • Webinar integration
  • Great reporting
  • Gamification
  • Multiple languages
  • Built-in quiz and survey development tool
  • Superb customer service


The Pathfinder is at the heart of goal-based training. Users select their role in the firm, which generates a series of relevant work statements regarding tasks they perform and how they work. Once they have made their selections, Pathfinder generates a personalized training plan.

The Pathfinder is great for rollouts, new hire or any targeted training.  It is especially useful for lawyers.