Capensys Active Measurement Tool

The Active Measurement Package uses active learning strategies to help quantify improvements in productivity/efficiency to firm stakeholders to validate the success of their rollout project.

Overview of the Active Measurement Package

  • We work with the project stakeholders to identify the firm’s key business goals with the new application.
  • We conduct a targeted measurement exercise on the legacy system with 10 – 12 mixed ability users to establish a benchmark starting point.
  • We train on the new system.
  • We repeat the targeted measurement exercise on the new system one month after the exercise.
  • We compile the results to ascertain savings with the new system.

What This Package Includes

  • Consulting to establish business goals and costs being incurred with the current setup.
  • Consulting to tailor the program and exercises to the firm, if needed.
  • Assistance with setting up the program, preparing the volunteers and trainers.
  • Tools to evaluate the speed and skills of the users.
  • Tutorials and trainers to provide the training.

Outcomes to Show

We expect that the comparative analysis will show:

  1. The productivity has improved with the new application.
  2. The cost savings to the firm of users working more quickly.
  3. The effectiveness of the training.
  4. Any further areas for training.

To read more, download the pdf: Capensys_Active Measurement Package

Skills Evaluation Tools

Our skills-building evaluation tools provide a positive, non–threatening alternative to traditional assessments. They are in alignment with the LTC4™ Core Competencies and can be used to certify users have reached the required LTC4™ skill levels. We have two scenario-based evaluation tools that allow you to quickly check the relevant skills:

Learning in Action (LiA) works in the live system so you can evaluate users in your own environment.  LiA accepts multiple methods of accomplishing tasks and workflows.

KnowledgeChecks are simulations and are used for reinforcement of skills, evaluation and certification.

With LiA, you can:

  • Evaluate users in live applications
  • Support multiple methods of accomplishing a task
  • Evaluate across multiple applications
  • Take advantage of our library of LiA  exercises (LiA Checks) that are LTC4-aligned
  • Easily customize our LiA Checks or develop your own using the LiA Designer
  • Runs in any LMS

And the LiA Designer takes less than 15 minutes to learn!