3 tools to support your users like a personal coach.

While we know the ideal goal is delivering white glove service, it can be a formidable challenge -- especially in the current remote work environment.

  • Our Productivity Pack makes learning more personal and relevant.
  • Purchase separately or purchase the Pack for a full white glove experience.
  • Watch our webinar recording to see how you can use each of these tools to help boost productivity with personalized training.

Pathfinder is at the heart of goal-based training.

You can create personal learning plans targeted specifically to users' own workflows and individual skill levels.

The Pathfinder is great for rollouts, new hire or any targeted training.

Users appreciate that the learning topics are directly relevant to them, and the autonomy to select their own leaning path. What could be more appealing, especially to attorneys?

We already have generic Pathfinders for many legal applications so we’ve already done most of the work for you.


QuickLearn offers personalized just-in-time support coaching.

QuickLearn gives users answers to their "How Do I....?" questions by either viewing a quick reference guide, watching a video, or receiving step-by-step guidance within the live applications.

Users can access it while working or you can email links to training resources directly to users (great for the Help Desk).

is also available on mobile devices. QuickLearn can be tailored to your firm colors and logos.



LiA Check Exercises

  • Check skills in the live app
  • Supports multiple methods
  • Easy to develop exercise
LiA Learn Exercises

  • Follow steps in the live app
  • Finish tasks while learning
  • Easy to develop exercises