Sentinel Releases and Updates: Courseware, Reinforcement Materials and Localization


Complying with HIPAA

We made sweeping updates to our HIPAA content, including a much-needed facelift to bring this training into the 21st century. The content itself isn’t markedly different, but we did close some gaps related to security and administrative safeguards; a trusted partner in the healthcare space, Clearwater Compliance, helped ensure that all activities, quizzes, and assessment questions were legally sound and in compliance with the latest HIPAA regulations.

Protecting and Handling Data

The content in this topic group was over two years old, and in desperate need of a refresh. Though the content largely stayed the same, new graphics and interactions have been added.

New topic:

  • Data Minimization

GDPR Consent and Lawful Processing

This new topic comes by request from an existed client and others who were looking for a bit more content around what constitutes consent under the GDPR, and the legal grounds that allow for the processing of data.

This topic is included in the GDPR Role-Based Privacy topic group and all role-based GDPR courses. 

Preventing Phishing

Coming on the heels of an update to our phishing content late last year, we added two new topics to the Preventing Phishing topic group.

New topics:

  • The Dangers of Phishing
  • Showing Skepticism

Global Privacy Laws

Our older Global Privacy Laws topic highlighted a select few countries and regions—this new topic, available in the Global Privacy Laws and Regulations topic group in the Adaptive Privacy Library, contains information about the privacy landscapes, laws, and regulations of over 10 different countries and regions.

Password Guidelines and Password Best Practices

These popular pages got a facelift and content refresh to align with the latest guidance from NIST. In addition, the interactions are much improved and content between the two topics is more clearly differentiated than before.

Updates to Privacy and Personal Information, Role-Based Privacy, and Intellectual Property

GDPR is still top-of-mind for a lot of clients: those that need to comply, and those who considered the May deadline a good time to review their existing privacy policies and data handling procedures. To that end, we used our GDPR content as inspiration to thoroughly review and revise select topics in the Adaptive Privacy Library. These new topics are designed to support those clients who don’t necessarily need to comply with the GDPR—but still want their privacy training to echo the gold standard of the GDPR.

New and updated Privacy and Personal Information topics:

  • Defining Privacy
  • Reporting Privacy Incidents

New and updated Role-Based Privacy topics:

  • Collecting Data
  • Managing Vendors
  • Privacy Principles for Sensitive Information
  • Implementing Privacy Statements
  • Writing Privacy Statements

New Intellectual Property topic:

  • Business Confidentiality


New Videos

  • The GDPR | Reinforcement Library and the APL – Animated Videos
  • Privileged Users | Reinforcement Library and the ASL – Animated Videos


This release also included a systemic review of our localized content and the addition of most ASL and APL content in our newest languages.

Please allow at least two weeks for delivery of any localized content.

All ASL and APL content—except for HIPAA and FERPA, which are US-based laws—is translated into the following languages:

·         Chinese (Simplified)

·         French

·         German

·         Italian

·         Japanese

·         Korean

·         French (Canadian)

·         Portuguese (Brazilian)

·         Russian

·         Spanish

·         Spanish (Latin American)

·         Russian

And 75% of all ASL and APL content is now translated into the following languages:

·         Czech

·         Danish

·         Dutch

·         English (UK)

·         Finnish

·         Hungarian

·         Norwegian

·         Polish

·         Portuguese

·         Swedish