Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt LTC4 Core Competencies Certification Case Study

Business goals

Our purpose for implementing a firm-wide training program for attorneys and staff focused on competency ‎based performance standards, evaluation and ongoing training that would have a meaningful impact ‎on firm morale, productivity and profitability. The program offered the opportunity to become ‎‎LTC4 certified in various workflow based core competencies which were relevant to how users work.

Why we used LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition)

We knew that an attorney up-skilling program based on LTC4 would provide us with an industry standard of legal IT core competencies, a benchmark for them to achieve — a benchmarkExpected Outcomes and Objectives.
There were multiple objectives and expected outcomes for ‎implementing a certification program at pir firm:

  • Attorney and Staff Performance: This initiative allowed us to support attorneys and staff to improve skills, gain efficiency in all tasks, and to measure baseline skills and continuous performance improvement using industry standards.
  • Staff Ratios: Better skills and greater efficiency result in higher productivity, therefore improving our attorney to staff ratio, resulting in reduced overhead.
  • IT Department Client Service: We achieved a reduction in Help Desk Calls which meant that Help Desk staff could serve clients more proactively.
  • ROI: We produced Efficiency Dashboard reports with calculated ROI which were provided to the Board on a predetermined schedule.
  • Goals achieved
    • Improved skills
    • Improved efficiency/productivity
    • Improved quality of work product
    • Provided objective measurements for performance evaluation
    • Reduced calls to the Help Desk
    • Improved staff ratios
    • Elevated attorney satisfaction with staff
    • Improved employee satisfaction and retention

How we got buy-in

The Director of HR spearheaded the initiative. We formed a small committee and presented a package to the managing board which included an executive summary of what we wanted to do, outcomes and objectives, and an efficiency impact table for those areas of improvement we would track. Once the board approved the program, we made sure that everyone knew about the benefits of the program and how it was going to be implemented. We created FAQs for the participants so they would receive the same information as the stakeholders.

Program Structure

The audience was attorneys, paralegals and staff. We assembled two learning plans based on the LTC4 core competencies: Legal Documents and Document Management. We phased the program over one year, giving people two months to complete the learning plans and skills evaluations and one month off for review and consolidation. Certificates were given for every phase, which users really appreciated and displayed at their desks with pride.


The following LTC4 Learning Plans have been completed and are getting LTC4 certification:

Legal Documents
Legal Professionals: 54 (21 attorneys and 33 paralegals)
Legal Support Specialists: 79
Managing Documents & Emails:

Legal Professionals: 33 (paralegals)
Legal Support Specialists: 95

Going Forward

We are one of the first firms in the world whose users are certifying for LTC4. We are currently working on certification for two more LTC4 Learning plans: Customer Relationship Management and Data, Reports and Exhibits learning plans. We will be submitting our results for LTC4 Certification as soon as we are complete.