Robinson Bradshaw Achieves LTC4 Certification Using Capensys Courseware

Why LTC4?

Robinson Bradshaw wanted to implement a firmwide training program, focused on competency ‎based performance standards, evaluation and ongoing training, that would have a meaningful impact ‎on firm’s morale and productivity.  The program offers the opportunity to become ‎‎“certified” in various core competencies, and Robinson Bradshaw saw this as an opportunity for staff to grow and develop new and better ‎skills.

Greg Tomlinson, Training and Development Coordinator, first heard of the LTC4 core competencies from his LMS content provider, Capensys (an LTC4 Founder).  He attended a LTC4 webinar and got excited about what it would mean for the firm.  He worked closely with Capensys in obtaining strategies for stakeholder buy-in and possible future rollout.

The Buy-In

Pam Sachs, Director of Human Resources, stated:

“LTC4 initially came to my attention through our in-house trainer in the fall of 2014.  My immediate reaction was that maybe this would finally be a solution to the incredible need in law firms for better skills to support law firm efficiency, both at the lawyer and staff levels.  They sold me because they were focusing on workflow processes (not just software knowledge) and creating an environment of continuing skills development. We believed the staff and attorneys would take a fresh look at the new training tools with the ability to learn at their desk or at home on their own schedule.

Internally, we have been on track with our customized LTC4 training since the spring of 2017.  Staff acceptance of the training, assessments and certifications have exceeded our expectations and, based on that success, we are hoping to incorporate the attorney groups in the near future.”

Geoff Rhodes, Director of IT, stated:

“Our lawyers and staff were attending training classes, but we needed to know if they were retaining the information and using the applications efficiently.  Enter LTC4.  This program allows us to perform assessments to determine individual knowledge gaps.  Based on those gaps, customized training can be created to further educate those identified as needing assistance.  The established legal technology core competencies help us measure staff productivity improvements, and the certification creates a sense of accomplishment to be proud of.”

Alan Menius, Executive Director, stated:

“We view LTC4 as a valuable tool in our ongoing efforts to better define work processes in our practice support team, define core competencies, and recognize individual and group progress toward those goals.”

The Rollout

Greg Tomlinson led the charge with PowerPoint presentations, marketing and demos of the learning plans.  He decided to update their LMS page to Robinson Bradshaw University (including new Capensys content) and incorporate the LTC4 rollout simultaneously.  With help from Capensys, he broke out each core competency skill and created learning plans in the LMS of the videos and assessments for easy viewing and tracking.  Many of the users were able to test out by just completing the Capensys KnowledgeCheck.

As of this date, Robinson Bradshaw has completed the Managing Documents and Emails and Working with Legal Documents learning plans. Presently, the entire firm is undergoing the certification process for Security for Lawyers learning plan and in early 2018 will be rolling out Collaborating with Others to the staff.

The Firm

Robinson Bradshaw is a Carolinas-based corporate law firm with national practices. We provide comprehensive legal services to businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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