QuickLearn from Capensys: 3 ways to learn at the click of a button

What is your technology learning style?

Do you learn best by …

  • READING text?
  • VIEWING a demo?
  • HEARING it explained?

QuickLearn from Capensys offers all three learning styles at the click of a button.

QuickLearn can be published specifically for your firm, with your logo and courseware for your applications. QuickLearn provides an online Quick Reference Guide, including screenshots.  You can also view a demo of the skill, print the steps, or email them to someone else.  (This last is a great time-saver for the Help Desk!)  A Search button allows the user to find skills quickly and easily.

Launch QuickLearn from anywhere simply by clicking a link.

Want to know more or see a demo?  Contact us at info@capensys.com


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