Webinar December 13th: Overcoming IT Training Challenges with Capensys Blended Strategies

Friday December 13th    

8:00 PT  | 10:00 CT | 11:00 ET

As you look forward to 2020, are you being asked to…

      • Keep up with the ever-increasing scope of IT training
      • Manage the continual demands of new hire training
      • Train to diverse users workflows
      • Address different learning preferences
      • Improve users’ productivity
      • Validate skill levels

And still have a life?


In this webinar, we will discuss blended strategies to:

  • Increase user engagement and adoption
  • Offer a wide range of blended learning materials
  • Provide attorneys with personal learning plans
  • Facilitate new hire training
  • Track and measure improvements
  • Meet your additional resource needs