WIIFMs – a new video series for overcoming lawyer resistance



Our new animation series called “What’s in it for me” (WIIFMs) was developed to help overcome lawyer resistance to effectively using their critical applications.

The new series of 2-minute videos focuses on the how lawyers will benefit from using the firm’s systems and the efficiencies they will gain.  These are not how-to videos, but rather animations which define the WHYs of using the the application.  The benefits are described in a language that lawyers relate to and understand.

Some WIIFM topics:

  • Why the DMS is critical to your practice
  • How Time and Billing affects your professional bottom line
  • Why well-formatted documents are critical to your practice

To see a demonstration of the new WIIFMs, please contact your Capensys representative, or email info@capensys.com.