Webinar recording available: How Can I Easily Build and Maintain an Engaging Security Awareness Program (with Everything Else I Have to Do!)?

We’re sorry you missed our webinar on building an engaging, varied and regularly-updated security/GDPR awareness program with Sentinel.

All is not lost – you can obtain a copy of hte recording by contacting us a info@capensys.com.

Many law firms are enjoying its ease of use, versatility and scope along with the fact it attracts CLE and LTC4 accreditation.  Do just drop us a line at info@capensys.com if you’d like access to a sandbox, pricing or a discussion about your needs.

Running a successful awareness program takes a lot of work—assembling the right training and reinforcement assets for each employee group, running phishing programs, assessing employee knowledge, and ultimately managing the overall program delivery. It can turn into a full-time job—but it doesn’t have to. What if you could do it all from a single, web-based portal, with everything you needed to create your program right at your fingertips?

In this session we show how Capensys can help you formulate a 12-month training program. The Sentinel Awareness Portal allows you to design your own training program, including: on-line training, reinforcement, phishing, program planning, knowledge assessments, LTC4 Certification/CLE credits and an LMS. And we can work with you to create the right mix for your firm.

Specifically, you can:

  • Build an awareness plan based on your different user groups, desired maturity level, subject matter, and risk-based profile
  • Incorporate training around Security, Compliance, Privacy and also the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) into your program
  • Choose from a large library of pre-built courses or create your own course of any size on the fly with the Course Builder tool
  • Easily apply the tenets of micro-learning (short, bite-size learning content) to your awareness program
  • Incorporate reinforcement materials (graphics, videos, games, articles) directly into your program
  • Schedule and run phishing campaigns with a comprehensive library of sample templates
  • Track overall program progress using a graphical, interactive dashboard