Fisher Phillips Upgrades to IntApp Open to Streamline their Workflows, Conflicts and New Business Intake System


When Fisher Phillips decided to improve the workflow and streamline the process of their Conflicts and New Business Intake system, they had very specific vision of what they wanted to accomplish.

Reduced risk, increased technology efficiency, better client service and profitability when reviewing conflicts and opening new clients and matters.

The firm chose to implement the Intapp Open New Business and Conflicts application to replace the program that had been developed in-house.

The goals of the initiative were:

  • Enhance the Conflicts process so that more party information could be collected.
  • Obtain better data at intake rather than in phases.
  • Gather more accurate data.
  • Open matters faster.
  • Support the firm’s overall “big data” Legal Analytics initiative.

The benefits of the new workflow application were:

  • Improve accuracy, avoid duplicate work and manual entry. The new workflows provide better follow-up on missing data.
  • Consolidate the conflicts and new business intake into one process. By integrating the two processes, there would be less round tripping and faster turnaround time.
  • Avoid billing work against the client’s general number.

Training and Support

Six hundred users, including all attorneys and staff in the 32 offices, were invited to take the training. To ensure participation and optimal adoption, presentations were first made to team captains and office managers. Office managers then shared the benefits, and the training plans, with their local users. Ongoing information about the rollout was communicated at firm meetings, introductory email messages to users in each office, TIPS emails to users, and on the firm’s intranet.

The majority of the training was conducted remotely by Capensys. Instructor-led, live webinars were offered to each office, and recorded sessions were also posted online. Onsite support was provided in Irvine and Atlanta offices, with remote support to all of the remaining offices.

To help users adjust to the new system, attorneys and staff were provided with tailored user guides and an information checklist for gathering the necessary conflicts and intake information.

The support team established a central Intapp Support e-mail to address user questions and a dedicated training phone number for the Trainer on Call support.

To provide just-in-time training, the firm will also roll out e-learning segmented into roles and workflows with the next version of the application. New Hires will watch the recorded session, have a live Q&A with a trainer, and then will be provided the e-learning.

The firm understood that training and support had to be solid for such a mission-critical application. They selected Capensys based on their great reputation and the positive evaluation of the firm’s IT Department. “We were impressed with what we saw, in the depth of the materials, and the quality of the Capensys trainers” said project manager Roberta Withrow. “Users were well cared for and received the training and support to hit the ground running.”

Outcome and Measurement

The firm will be measuring outcomes and expect to see improvements in the following areas:

  • Less billable time falling through cracks
  • Fewer questions for Accounting – less round tripping of bills
  • Fewer mistakes before matters are opened

As with many new initiatives, the benefits may initially be difficult to perceive. With Intapp, the attorneys are more engaged in the early stages of the conflicts vetting process. The system also demands better, more accurate data when the matter is opened. As a result, the initial perception in some offices was that it took longer to process matters. In reality, however, the matter numbers are open for billing sooner.

The firm expects that the long-term benefits of better risk management and client service will soon quell any initial complaints.

Lessons Learned

The firm gathered some great feedback from the stakeholders, the users and the training and support team. An example: engage the Office Administrators early and often in the training and awareness program.

In the next initiative, the firm will allocate more time and resources on change management activities – engaging the Office Administrators more, making training mandatory, and providing CLE credit. They also suggest engaging attorneys more in creating the input form.

One key lesson learned: to improve the perception of the application, separate the communication about the workflow / intake requirements from the actual application. That way, it will be clear what is a process/protocol issue, and what is an application issue.

About Fisher Phillips

Fisher Phillips is a law firm with 230 attorneys and 600 user across 32 offices. They continuously look for ways to work more efficiently and better serve their clients. Firm leadership can make decisions quickly to direct the necessary resources to a particular challenge. They are able to use their broad database of experience to improve their internal processes and thereby propose competitive alternative fee arrangements.

Many highly successful partners have chosen to bring their practices to the firm. They are attracted by the entrepreneurial culture, the collegial atmosphere, the opportunity to practice with other excellent lawyers, and the transparent compensation system that rewards great client service.

Fisher Phillips operates globally as well as locally. They have attorneys admitted in almost every U.S. jurisdiction. They also have networks of local counsel on six continents with whom they partner to serve their clients anywhere in the world.

About Capensys

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