Capensys Annouces Turnkey SKILL-UP! Program and LEARNING-IN-ACTION Skills Evaluation Tool

London, New York & San Francisco: Capensys Ltd., a full-service training company for law firms and experts in user adoption and change management, today announced the expansion of their Skill-Up! program to include Learning in Action (LiA), a skills evaluation tool to check user efficiency within any application.

In the increasingly competitive global legal market, firms are facing client demands for greater efficiency in the handling of their matters and the need to maintain profit margins when asked for alternative fee arrangements. It has now become mission critical for firms to increase proficiency by enhancing attorney and staff technology skills. The Capensys Skill-Up! program helps firms improve efficiency and profitability by providing a turnkey training program for attorneys and staff.

Skill-Up! is based on the LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) industry standard core competencies and includes all of the online learning and tools needed for implementing a continuous learning and certification program. It also prepares attorneys for any type of technology audit.

The new LiA tool extends Skill-Up! by adding another dimension to the Capensys skill-building and skill-checking suite of tools. LiA records and analyzes a user’s actions across multiple live applications, then compares these with the various correct ways of performing the workflow. It provides a truly accurate evaluation of a user’s efficiency through score and/or and time taken to undertake a set of standard tasks. The LiA tool also allows firm training staff to easily create their own skills evaluation exercises as needed.