BakerHostetler’s Successful DMS Upgrade Using Capensys Training Resources and Materials


When BakerHostetler moved their 1,800 users (all at once!) from iManage 9.3 to NetDocuments 18 in the first quarter of 2018, the firm wanted to ensure they met their security audit needs.

It enabled us to provide affirmative responses to our client security audits. We could “tick off more of the boxes.”

Sharon Jesse, Training Manager

The firm also wanted to increase usage of their document management system (DMS) over shared drives and selected NetDocuments for its flexibility of workspace structure and mobility.  While they didn’t remove access to shared drives, they felt the additional functionality of the new DMS would encourage users to collaborate more.

The training team (“team”), led by Sharon Jesse, Training Manager, worked together to achieve buy-in for the initiative from Office Administrators, HR Managers, and select Attorneys. They wanted to ensure that their audience of legal professionals and support staff specialists were motivated and supported from the top down.

Early in the project, the team conducted attorney focus groups and interviewed various support teams such as Accounting and Marketing.  They encouraged specific groups that were very vested in the old DMS to attend so they could see they were getting the same functionality plus more. They demonstrated how the new system was focused on their current workflows and how the rollout would support a smooth transition.

They also identified Active Advocates in all groups who would provide additional support and also “evangelize” the project.  Members of this group were carefully vetted by Office Administrators to ensure the right skills and personality for the support role.

Training and Support

The firm used a blended approach to address the specific needs of their audiences.

The team provided early webinars for the Active Advocates that focused on key features. Secretaries and paralegals received mandatory “flipped learning,” in which e-learning took place before the instructor-led classroom training. The instructor-led training was optional for attorneys and other staff. The attorneys participated in remote webinars, and post go-live webinars were offered starting week 2.

Sharon Jesse also noted that “few attorneys participated in classroom; most did remote. For our high-touch users, we provided one-on-one sessions.  People who worked with the managing partners did very contextual/relevant training.”

The team provided floor support for 3 weeks after the training along with access to the Help Desk. Additionally, Capensys provided a dedicated hotline for 2 weeks after the training.

The team used the Capensys training materials and tools because of their broad experience, high quality, flexible training and support resources, and the quality and scope of their eLearning. At BakerHostetler, we are not afraid to try a new approach and you need a partner who can support and supplement those ideas!

Sharon Jesse, Training Manager

Outcome and Measurement

When asked about the reaction of the user population to the program, Sharon replied: “In general, most users think the product is more intuitive and better organized; attorneys using the mobile app are happy they can access docs on the road.”

At the time of this article, it is still a little early for the firm to measure the overall impact of the new DMS on the number of documents being filed. The good news is they have received requests to move data from shared drives to the DMS, and a few admin teams want to have custom workspaces.

Using the Capensys “Efficiency Dashboard” the firm has identified that the Help Desk is receiving more technical issues than “how to” questions. According to Sharon, “People seem to ‘know how’ better!”

The firm also provided the evaluations that allowed people to qualify for LTC4 Certification in the Managing Documents and Email learning plan. The firm will continue to use the Capensys courseware to offer e-learning paths for new hires as well as providing the path to LTC4 certification.

Lessons Learned

What went well

There was great feedback on training, support and the Capensys hotline from the offices. This was the first time the firm was using a scenario-based training model and the staff appreciated this approach.

Sharon noted that “Providing early training for the Active Advocates was a win. It provided us with a list of questions to consider before finalizing the outline and the support team’s FAQ document.”

What we would do differently

Sharon’s comment on this was: “In retrospect, we could have used more floor support in the larger offices during the first 3 days, as those attorneys who did NOT attend training consumed much more time than planned. Therefore, it took several days to reach each user for their checklist. Depending on the type of rollout, better assignment of resources in the offices with larger demands.”

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