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Advantage Managed Training Services

LET US HELP YOUR TRAINING TEAM EXCEL FREE UP trainers from onboarding training FOCUS on higher value-added services DELIVER workflow-based, blended training IMPROVE user adoption CHECK user skill levels AUTOMATE managing and reporting Spend less time… on what’s repetitive Spend more time… on performance consulting  

QuickLearn from Capensys: 3 ways to learn at the click of a button

What is your technology learning style? Do you learn best by … READING text? VIEWING a demo? HEARING it explained? QuickLearn from Capensys offers all three learning styles at the click of a button. QuickLearn can be published specifically for your firm, with your logo and courseware for your applications. QuickLearn provides an online Quick […]

Hear the Recording: Webinar Friday October 25th: Implementing an Intapp New Business Intake and Conflicts System __LESSONS FROM THE FIELD_____

Listen to the informative and practical webinar presented by Capensys on Friday October 25th – with: – Meg Block, VP of Risk Consulting at Intapp – HBR Consulting – Quimera Group – Aurora North Friday October 25th 8:00 PT  | 10:00 CT | 11:00 ET Meg and the Intapp partners shared their expertise in successful […]

WIIFMs – a new video series for overcoming lawyer resistance

    Our new animation series called “What’s in it for me” (WIIFMs) was developed to help overcome lawyer resistance to effectively using their critical applications. The new series of 2-minute videos focuses on the how lawyers will benefit from using the firm’s systems and the efficiencies they will gain.  These are not how-to videos, […]

New Enhanced Learning in Action (LiA)

Provide exercises and evaluations in your live system New York, NY – March, 2019:  Are you looking for an effective way to build your users’ skills in the Firm’s software? A way to provide relevant training based on users’ needs?  An easy way to evaluate new hires? Capensys announces its latest release of LiA (Learning […]

Listen to the webinar recording – A panel of CIOs and IT Managers – When Planning Training Strategies for a Major Rollout – What Keeps CIOs Up At Night?

Listen to the recording

Webinar Friday, February 15th - 9am PT . 11am CT . 12pm ET.
Listen to the recording of the Capensys Industry Experts panel of CIOs who have experienced successful law firm technology rollouts. Hear the discussions of challenges common to most rollouts and how you can mitigate them.


Capensys Trainer and User Guides just got even better!

Our trainer scripts and companion users exercise guides now have even more depth with additional tips and trainer notes.  They are still very easy to tailor to your environment and cover all the workflows needed for a successful rollout and ongoing training program.  We have these for all of Office 2016 as well as iManage, […]