Training & Support

Capensys provides training professionals to assist with onsite and remote training and support for major rollouts, upgrades and up-skilling programs, such as MS Office, iManage, Net Documents, IntApp, etc. Our exceptional trainers are available to support you prior to, during, and after any training initiative.


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Our blended approach utilizes our flexible training delivery methods to make learning more accessible to the users. Our innovative online learning, trainer guides/user guides and delivery tools provide relevant and contextual content.

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Instructor-Led Training
Our trainers all have extensive experience in the legal industry. They understand law firm workflows and the challenges law firm users face, which is reflected in the onsite training they provide.

Floor Support
We select trainers for floor support who are experienced in handling questions from all levels of users. Our aim is to ensure that the desired skills are transferred to the users’ working practices.

Webinars/Remote Training
We provide demo webinars and hands-on remote training on the full range of legal topics. The user experience is informative and engaging.

Global Services
We can provide all of our services globally to support all of your offices around the world.

Super-User Program
We can help you create a program to identify and pre-train a set of firm super-users who can act as onsite “go-to” training and support resources.

Train the Trainer
The content of these sessions is more in-depth than the standard training and covers strategies for support and coaching. The sessions also cover the firm’s goal with the new systems, best practices and the thinking behind themarketing copydesign.

Marketing Your Training
A successful training initiative will communicate the importance, benefits, and plans to build a bridge between the training team, the users and the firm management. Our marketing videos, animations, posters and communication templates give you everything you need to create a positive impact and to get users excited and engaged.