Training Delivery Tools

Our Learning Management System, Resource Gateway, Mobile Gateway, Coach and Pathfinder provide innovative ways to deliver targeted training exactly when needed.

Targeted Training

Our unique blend of training and delivery tools are specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms and legal departments. Our tools can be employed individually or in tandem to suit the objectives of the firm.

We customize our delivery methods to accommodate a variety of learning styles and technology requirements. Our Mobile Resource Gateway makes coaching and learning available from any mobile device.


Explore Our Variety of Training Delivery Tools:

Learning Management System

Our web-based learning management system is cost-effective and easy-to-use. It provides superior performance at a lower cost than alternative LMS solutions. It is full-featured and offers all of the traditional LMS elements for classes, webinars, online learning, rollouts and specific training initiatives.

Resource Gateway

Need just-in-time training? The Resource Gateway is a searchable content management system for any quick reference guides, internal or external online learning modules, videos, or even useful links. Users can access it while working or you can email links to training resources directly to users (great for the Help Desk). The Resource Gateway can be tailored to your firm colors and logos.

Mobile Learning

All of our online demos are available from the Mobile Resource Gateway to make coaching and learning available on a just-in-time basis.


The Coach is our context sensitive support tool that makes training content available exactly when and where you need it, at the relevant point within the application. The Coach can tag any learning materials so users have access to Quick Reference Guides, online learning, PDFs, videos and other relevant learning materials.


The Pathfinder is at the heart of goal-based training. Users select their role in the firm, which generates a series of relevant work statements regarding tasks they perform and how they work. Once they have made their selections, Pathfinder generates a personalized training plan.

The Pathfinder is great for rollouts, new hire or any targeted training.