Skills Evaluation Tools

Our skills-building evaluation tools provide a positive, non–threatening alternative to traditional assessments. They are in alignment with the LTC4™ Core Competencies and can be used to certify users have reached the required LTC4™ skill levels.

Learning in Action and KnowledgeChecks

We have two scenario-based evaluation tools that allow you to quickly check the relevant skills: Learning in Action (LiA) and KnowledgeChecks. Each can be run in any Learning Management System.  Both LiAs and KnowledgeChecks are aligned with the LTC4 core competency workflows.

With LiA, you can:

  • Evaluate users in live applications
  • Support multiple methods of accomplishing a task
  • Evaluate across multiple applications
  • Take advantage of our library of LiA  exercises (LiA Checks) that are LTC4-aligned
  • Easily customize our LiA Checks or develop your own using the LiA Designer

And the LiA Designer takes less than 15 minutes to learn!