Capensys Sentinel is a security awareness program, in partnership with MediaPro. Sentinel promotes a culture of  “Security Warriors,”  employees who are dedicated to protecting the firm’s security.



Capensys is approved for 1 hour of CLE credit for all of the formats of our security awareness training. We currently have CLE accreditation in New York, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota and Missouri and has verbal approval (with follow-up) for the following jurisdictions: Nevada, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia.  Would you like to receive accreditation in your jurisdictions?  We can help!

Capensys has been LTC4-approved for the Security Learning Plan, which means that your users will gain LTC4 certification when they successfully complete this course.


Sentinel is a framework for continuous security awareness

The Sentinel program provides a structure to expand employee knowledge, change employee behavior, and build a risk-aware culture. The framework provides an overall strategic process to create a measurable security awareness program.

This security solution meets the needs of any size law firm by integrating assessment/measurement tools, planning guides, award-winning online training, reinforcement materials, and live seminars. The Sentinel team works with you to analyze your requirements and guides you toward an awareness solution that suits your firm’s continuing needs.

The Sentinel full offering

  • Online modules and webinars
  • Evaluations to measure and track learning
  • Guides, posters and presentations customized to the firm’s needs
  • Communication templates
  • Consulting services
  • Town Hall presentation leaders
  • CLE-ready and aligned to LTC4
  • Available languages: Chinese (Simplified), French (CA), German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (International), French (EU), Italian, Japanese, Korean, & Russian.  Additional languages can be supported.