Capensys Courseware is LTC4-Approved – Time & Billing has been added to the list of approved learning plans!

Capensys has become the first LTC4 vendor to have their courseware and evaluations approved for LTC4 certification.  This prestigious designation demonstrates Capensys’ ongoing commitment to LTC4 and to delivering workflow based courseware and evaluations to meet the LTC4’s stringent standards.

The LTC4 process outlines core competencies required by attorneys and their staff. By receiving this approval, Capensys’ evaluations for legal documents are pre-approved and Capensys clients are secure in the knowledge that, providing their users attain the necessary scores, they will attain LTC4 certification.  Law firms who attain this certification for their users will be able to show tangible measures of competence in the area of skillfully and productively preparing legal documents.

Today, many leading law firms are recognizing the need to show their clients that they are proficient in IT. They also need to be as efficient with IT as possible in order to maintain profitability and competitive edge. LTC4 certification affirms the achievement of proficient and efficient levels of production.

Capensys can streamline the LTC4 process for you. We guide you every step of the the way and provide all of strategies, tools and courseware for attaining successful certifications.

LTC4 -Approved Learning Plans

  • Time & Billing 1/11/17
    After careful review of the Capensys assessment process, competency mapping, and content, LTC4 is pleased to recognize that the Capensys assessments for Time and Billing have been approved”
  • Legal Documents 7/5/16
    We are thrilled to inform you that the LTC4 Board has unanimously approved Capensys to advertise that they have LTC4 Approved Assessments in Working with Legal Documents, and that Capensys is the first vendor to achieve this designation!
  • Managing Documents and Emails  10/6/16
    “LTC4 is pleased to recognize that the Capensys assessments for Managing Documents and Emails have been approved.”
  • Security  10/20/16
    “Capensys has LTC4 Approved Assessments for the Security Learning Plan