Gordon & Rees IT Skills Improvement and LTC4 Certification Using Capensys Courseware and Tools


In October of 2016, Tanya Vawter, Training Manager at Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP, along with her training team of 3 people, began a continuous performance improvement initiative that would provide top-notch online training to attorneys and staff in their 35 plus offices spread across the US. They also wanted to provide that same level of training to the 4 -10 new hires that arrived each week. They were members of LTC4 and were already using the Capensys LMS and LTC4-aligned courseware. The LTC4 certification program was launched to all offices with the intention of fostering ongoing up-skilling.


Here are the stats showing their considerable achievements:

Certifications, Learning Plans and Courses

  • 59 LTC4 Legal Professional Certifications have been earned by Attorneys.
  • 229 LTC4 Legal Support Specialist Certifications have been earned by Staff Members.
  • 1557 Ongoing Monthly Learning Plans have been completed by Attorneys and Staff Members over the past year
  • 32,482 Computer Based Training (CBT) courses were completed on the Capensys LMS within the past 12 months.

How they did it

Tanya describes their LTC4 continuous performance improvement program as follows:

We use Capensys courseware and LMS to run our ongoing learning program and also to implement our new hire onboarding.  For new employees, we have each person take a short survey (using Capensys Pathfinder). We use this information to craft a customized learning plan for each user.

For ongoing learning, each month separate LTC4 learning plans for attorneys and staff are published to the LMS. We announce the release of the new learning plans each month via e-newsletter.  Employees are assigned either the staff or the attorney plan, as appropriate.  The learning plans combine CBT courses and KnowledgeChecks to prove skills.

We also publish a KnowledgeCheck-only package for those who wish to ‘test out’ of the training.  Each month’s plan is built with a portion of the courses required for LTC4 certification.  That way employees will earn LTC4 certification in 2-4 months (depending on the specific certification being worked toward that month).

We also have some employees who’d rather earn certification faster.  For those people, we publish the full learning plans to earn LTC4 certification. (Again, we also publish a KnowledgeChecks only plan as well).  As of October 2017, we have 5 different certification learning plans available.  Next month, we will add a 6th.

We have 4 categories of learning plans for new hires:  Attorney, Admin, Paralegal and Secretary.  Within each category, specific topics are customized for each individual user based on the answers to their Pathfinder questions. The end result is a list of assigned CBT and suggested instructor-led courses.  This information is also shared with the Office Administrator for the employee’s office.  We provide monthly reports so that the OAs can track completion for the people in their office. As we are 3 people supporting 35+ offices, we put the onus on the OAs to track and manage completion.

At the end of each month, we run reports to see who has completed LTC4 certifications that month.  We then email that information along with the forms LTC4 requires.  About a month later we get a PDF of the certifications.  We then print physical certificates and send via interoffice to each employee.

We market LTC4, Ongoing Learning and the LMS on an almost continuous basis.  We send out a weekly Tech Tips style newsletter which links to courses or documentation in the LMS.  At the end of almost every instructor-led class we show the LMS and how to use it to find CBT courses and tip sheets to review the current class topic.

On a monthly basis, we send out a list of who has earned LTC4 Certifications, what LTC4 Certifications are available, and also a reminder that the new monthly learning plans are available.  We always include links to the original program announcement as well as links to the LTC4 site.

The response has been very positive. Our users like the immediacy of the CBT courses.  They also like that they are earning certification which is attached to the individual rather than the firm.  We’ve had around 300 LTC4 certification earned over the past year.  We’d like this to be higher next year, so we are always looking into new ways to motivate employees.  (Next month we are pushing jars of jelly bellys for anyone who has earned all 6 certifications)

As mentioned, my training staff consists of 3 people. Without the Capensys LMS and courseware, it would not be possible to provide training and support to so many people.  We rely heavily on CBT courseware. We also use the LMS to publish our calendar of WebEx live classes and manage registrations, etc.

About Gordon & Rees

Gordon & Rees was founded in San Francisco in 1974 by Stuart Gordon and Donald Rees, both of whom maintain practices and are active in the life of the firm. In just over 40 years, Gordon & Rees has grown from a small defense firm to a national litigation and business transactions firm with more than 800 lawyers in 46 offices throughout the United States, including lawyers admitted in Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

An AmLaw 200 firm, Gordon & Rees is recognized among the five fastest-growing law firms in the country.  Responding to the needs of their clients, Gordon & Rees continues to add and deepen its national practices and pursue additional office opening opportunities when it best serves their clients’ needs.

About Capensys

Capensys Ltd. is a full-service training company for law firms. Capensys provide all types of training for the legal industry including classroom trainers, webinars, on-line learning, evaluations and a security awareness program. The Capensys training philosophy is to link training to achieving business goals. Capensys are also Vendor Members of the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4). Capensys are iManage and NetDocuments Certified Training Partners. To learn more about Capensys please visit www.capensys.com.

About LTC4

LTC4 is a non-profit organization, that has established legal technology core competencies and certification that all law firms, law schools and legal departments can use to measure ongoing efficiency improvements.


Webinar – Wednesday, May 3rd: How To Train And Promote Your Win 10 And Office 2016 Upgrade

Wednesday, May 3, 2017   10:00 am PT  |  Noon  CT |  1:00 pm  ET

Overcome resistance and “upgrade fatigue”

Win 10 and Office 2016 offers an array of new and improved features that can increase efficiency and productivity. But are your users resisting training? We’ll share the latest strategies and tools to attract users to attend training and to fully utilize your new upgraded environment.

We’ll demonstrate how to create and deliver a multi-faceted training and marketing experience for your staff.


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Webinar Details:

Law firm security is an inside job.  Learn how to promote a culture of security warriors.

Every law firm member plays a critical role in protecting the firm’s security. An entire network can be brought down by just one click on an infected email or browser page. The firm’s reputation can be jeopardized by one individual who mishandles a laptop with critical client information. Without the ongoing support of the lawyers and staff, the most secure infrastructure still remains at risk.

This webinar focuses on the people side of security – how you can effectively educate your lawyers and staff with the Sentinel Security training tools, services and marketing materials, and how you can apply the Sentinel program to the needs of your firm to ensure that all of your users become security warriors.

Sentinel includes a full offering of IT security training services and resources to meet the most stringent security audit requirements.

  • Online modules and webinars
  • Evaluations to measure and track learning
  • Guides, posters and presentations customized to the firm’s needs
  • Communication templates
  • Consulting services
  • CLE-ready and aligned to LTC4

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 


Recording of Webinar March 11th – Evaluating and Certifying User Skills – the easy way!

Click here to request the recording of this March 11th webinar:

Would you like...
An easy way to improve user productivity?
To evaluate skills and/or LTC4 certify users?

To evaluate users in your live applications?
To have evaluations which accept the different ways users work?

This session covers how Learning in Action (LiA) allows you to achieve all this quickly and easily.

The LiA skills evaluation tool works in any Windows application. It accepts multiple ways of performing a task. It allows you to see how well users know their applications and comes with a library of ready-made exercises for most applications. These exercises are aligned with the LTC4 curriculum. LiA also allows you to write your own exercises very easily.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Capensys Announces a Managed Training Services Approach to Assist Firms with Technology Skills Improvement

Law firms are facing significant challenges in providing relevant training to users while reducing costs and increasing their competitive position. For many firms, it is becoming more practical to outsource day-to-day functions to training experts in the industry who can provide a robust, up-to-date strategy and reduce costs.

As global thought-leaders within the legal industry, Capensys has made their training expertise available to clients in the form of a managed training service. Capensys is a team of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in senior training and user support positions at leading law firms.

Are you looking to provide your firm with a new and cost effective approach to training?

We can work with you to create a managed training strategy that suits your needs and your budget. We can provide online learning from a comprehensive library of legal-specific content, the latest training delivery tools and just-in-time support materials to supplement your existing repository of materials and tools. We can also provide experienced trainers for any type of training program – regular business-as-usual, new hire or rollouts. Capensys uses unique evaluation methods and analysis strategies to identify skills gaps and the best strategies to close them. As founders of LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition), we can also assist your firm to work towards this industry recognized LTC4 Certification.

Our Capensys Goal-Based Approach ties the training strategy to business and user goals and ensures that firms can measure the effectiveness of their training programs. Our experience in managing global projects means that we are well prepared to partner with you to boost your training program, improve user productivity and efficiency firm-wide, while keeping costs down and results high.

Capensys have hired Cynthia Bradshaw, an experienced law firm specialist, to spearhead the Managed Training Services offering.

Law firm clients are asking for assurance that legal professionals from their outside counsel are competent in the fast moving, ever changing world of technology, thereby reducing the risks and costs associated with lack of knowledge. Allow Capensys to provide your firm with best-of-breed managed training services which are efficient, effective and enhance your client service

For more information go to http://capensys.com/services/managed-training-services/ and email info@capensys.com to talk about a free initial consultation.

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