Webinar September 28th: How Can I Easily Build and Maintain an Engaging Security Awareness Program (with Everything Else I Have to Do!)?

Running a successful awareness program takes a lot of work—assembling the right training and reinforcement assets for each employee group, running phishing programs, assessing employee knowledge, and ultimately managing the overall program delivery. It can turn into a full-time job—but it doesn’t have to. What if you could do it all from a single, web-based portal, with everything you needed to create your program right at your fingertips?

In this session you will see how Capensys can help you formulate a 12-month training program. The Sentinel Awareness Portal allows you to design your own training program, including: on-line training, reinforcement, phishing, program planning, knowledge assessments, LTC4 Certification/CLE credits and an LMS. And we can work with you to create the right mix for your firm.

Specifically, you will see how you can:

  • Build an awareness plan based on your different user groups, desired maturity level, subject matter, and risk-based profile
  • Incorporate training around Security, Compliance, Privacy and also the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) into your program
  • Choose from a large library of pre-built courses or create your own course of any size on the fly with the Course Builder tool
  • Easily apply the tenets of micro-learning (short, bite-size learning content) to your awareness program
  • Incorporate reinforcement materials (graphics, videos, games, articles) directly into your program
  • Schedule and run phishing campaigns with a comprehensive library of sample templates
  • Track overall program progress using a graphical, interactive dashboard

Come join us for an engaging and interactive session and leave with some fresh ideas about how you can effectively create and manage your own ideal security awareness program.



RECORDING: Which iManage is Best for My Firm? Part-2: Your Questions Answered by Our Panel of Experts

Click to hear the recording for this information-rich webinar


Friday, March 23, 2018     9:00am PT |  11:00am CT | Noon ET


We had a tremendous response to our February webinar “Which iManage is Best for My Firm.” During that webinar, our panel of iManage experts delivered useful and provocative information on moving to/from FileSite, DeskSite and Work 10. And, we also had additional questions from participants flooding in. In an effort to respond to those questions and any other iManage questions you may have, we have gathered the same panel of experts from iManage, HBR, Kraft Kennedy and Adaptive Solutions — who will come ready with answers!

If you have questions on this subject, you can submit these to us at: info@capensys.com. Please submit by March 20th so we can prepare our panelists.

IMPORTANT: In order to make the best use of our experts’ time, and to ensure your questions get answered, we will be addressing pre-webinar questions only, including those asked at the earlier webinar.

Whether you have a particular question, or just want to hear what others are asking and what experts are saying, be sure to participate.


ILTA Webinar Recording: Practical Steps for Creating a Culture of Security Awareness

Now HEAR THE RECORDING from this information-rich webinar held on February 8, 2018.

ILTA Webinar RECORDING: Which iManage is Best for My Firm?

Listen to the recording

Learn about what’s new in Work 10 and hear insights
from a panel of iManage experts on the best way
to implement the new iManage.

In response to ever-increasing amount of questions from clients, colleagues and other interested parties regarding “which is the best iManage route to take for my firm,” Capensys has assembled a roundtable panel of well-known integrators of iManage, along with key staff from iManage, who will share their experiences.

This forum will help reduce the anxiety we are hearing from iManage users/upgraders by providing useful information and best practices in how to move forward with any of the iManage document management system offerings: DeskSite, FileSite and New Professional.

The panel discussion will also include Q&A from attendees.

Recording now available for the Friday, March 17th webinar – Capensys Sentinel IT Security Awareness Program

If you were unable to attend our webinar, HERE'S THE LINK
Don't miss out on the great information and demo!

Webinar Details:

Law firm security is an inside job.  Learn how to promote a culture of security warriors.

Every law firm member plays a critical role in protecting the firm’s security. An entire network can be brought down by just one click on an infected email or browser page. The firm’s reputation can be jeopardized by one individual who mishandles a laptop with critical client information. Without the ongoing support of the lawyers and staff, the most secure infrastructure still remains at risk.

This webinar focuses on the people side of security – how you can effectively educate your lawyers and staff with the Sentinel Security training tools, services and marketing materials, and how you can apply the Sentinel program to the needs of your firm to ensure that all of your users become security warriors.

Sentinel includes a full offering of IT security training services and resources to meet the most stringent security audit requirements.

  • Online modules and webinars
  • Evaluations to measure and track learning
  • Guides, posters and presentations customized to the firm’s needs
  • Communication templates
  • Consulting services
  • CLE-ready and aligned to LTC4

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 


Recording of Webinar March 11th – Evaluating and Certifying User Skills – the easy way!

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Would you like...
An easy way to improve user productivity?
To evaluate skills and/or LTC4 certify users?

To evaluate users in your live applications?
To have evaluations which accept the different ways users work?

This session covers how Learning in Action (LiA) allows you to achieve all this quickly and easily.

The LiA skills evaluation tool works in any Windows application. It accepts multiple ways of performing a task. It allows you to see how well users know their applications and comes with a library of ready-made exercises for most applications. These exercises are aligned with the LTC4 curriculum. LiA also allows you to write your own exercises very easily.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Capensys Announces a Managed Training Services Approach to Assist Firms with Technology Skills Improvement

Law firms are facing significant challenges in providing relevant training to users while reducing costs and increasing their competitive position. For many firms, it is becoming more practical to outsource day-to-day functions to training experts in the industry who can provide a robust, up-to-date strategy and reduce costs.

As global thought-leaders within the legal industry, Capensys has made their training expertise available to clients in the form of a managed training service. Capensys is a team of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in senior training and user support positions at leading law firms.

Are you looking to provide your firm with a new and cost effective approach to training?

We can work with you to create a managed training strategy that suits your needs and your budget. We can provide online learning from a comprehensive library of legal-specific content, the latest training delivery tools and just-in-time support materials to supplement your existing repository of materials and tools. We can also provide experienced trainers for any type of training program – regular business-as-usual, new hire or rollouts. Capensys uses unique evaluation methods and analysis strategies to identify skills gaps and the best strategies to close them. As founders of LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition), we can also assist your firm to work towards this industry recognized LTC4 Certification.

Our Capensys Goal-Based Approach ties the training strategy to business and user goals and ensures that firms can measure the effectiveness of their training programs. Our experience in managing global projects means that we are well prepared to partner with you to boost your training program, improve user productivity and efficiency firm-wide, while keeping costs down and results high.

Capensys have hired Cynthia Bradshaw, an experienced law firm specialist, to spearhead the Managed Training Services offering.

Law firm clients are asking for assurance that legal professionals from their outside counsel are competent in the fast moving, ever changing world of technology, thereby reducing the risks and costs associated with lack of knowledge. Allow Capensys to provide your firm with best-of-breed managed training services which are efficient, effective and enhance your client service

For more information go to https://capensys.com/services/managed-training-services/ and email info@capensys.com to talk about a free initial consultation.

Podcast Recording – Ari Kaplan Interview of Capensys Team

LISTEN TO Sue Pasfield and Janis Richman as they discuss how Capensys services and tools can help firms get the competitive edge through technology efficiency.

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