Capensys Announces Pilot of Flaherty/Suffolk University Law School Legal Tech Audit and Associated Attorney Up-skilling Program

London, New York & San Francisco, September 4, 2013: Capensys announced that they are creating the Pilot version of the Flaherty/Suffolk University Law School Technology Audit. To help firms increase their associates IT skills and help prepare them for the Audit, Capensys has developed an up-skilling program that provides a structure and associated training materials to increase attorneys’ IT skills. The ultimate goal of the Audit and the Capensys up-skilling program is to raise legal technology proficiency standards across the industry.

The Flaherty/Suffolk University Law School Audit is an instrument for holding outside counsel accountable for their professional duty of competence as it extends to technology. It entails a series of common tasks that should be a part of the standard “tool chest” of all lawyers, regardless of their specific area of expertise. Through the Audit, a company can quickly identify whether their outside counsels are able to use the technological tools at their disposal efficiently. The Audit itself will be administered by the Suffolk University Law School. To contribute ideas for the further developments of the Audit, visit

Working with Suffolk University Law School, Capensys is creating an online version of the audit to make it available to a much wider audience. Capensys and LTC4 ™ steering group of law firms (Legal Technology Core Competencies and Certification Coalition) are extending the LTC4 ™ KnowledgeChecks to provide matching online tutorials to increase the technical proficiency of associates. These materials are part of the Capensys “turnkey” Up-skilling program for attorneys.

To learn more about the technology audit, the Capensys Up-skilling program for attorneys or the LTC4 ™ KnowledgeCheck system, please contact Capensys at